How is Marketing and Communications Strategy changing for the B2B industry?

Trends are shifting in B2B Markets

Fresh, consistent content has become one of the most important focuses for B2B companies when it comes to marketing, strategy and internal communications. People are consuming more content daily then ever before. Content originally designed for external initiatives has found its way into internal campaigns, where it can be used to effectively communicate new initiatives (for example, improving sales enablement). We are seeing an increased usage of video, visual data, enterprise social networking, and omnichannel content strategies that are all used for effective internal and external communications.

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Video can be your game changer!

The Shifting Trends in the B2B Market

People are consuming content visually more often then they are reading articles. Video offers an innovative way to communicate with employees or clients, in a smaller and easier to distribute format and allows your messaging to come to life by putting a friendly face and voice to the information that’s being shared.

Enterprise Social Networking is taking the way companies communicate internally to a whole new level. With platforms like Workplace by Facebook and Yammer by Microsoft, internal collaboration is beginning to take a new shape and is breaking away from the top-down approach of corporate communications.

B2B companies are beginning to re-evaluate their content strategies as well as the channels content is distributed on. Omnichannel communication strategies are empowering companies to distribute their content through various (often untapped) platforms that heighten employee and client interaction. This approach to marketing ensures clients and employees are consuming the right information – no matter where they access it.





of B2B companies use content marketing to drive sales.


of internal communications professionals feel video content is vital.


of executives seek more information on services or products they see in videos.


of online audiences watched more live video in 2016 than they did in 2015.

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