FAQ: D&D Beyond How To Share Content?

Can you share content on D&D beyond?

When you enable content sharing in a campaign every player (and the DM) will share everything they have purchased with everyone else in the campaign. There is no distinction between individually purchased items like a race or class to whole books or a legendary bundle.

How do I turn on content sharing in D&D beyond?

The toggle is in the top left of the campaign page. Hi there, the owner of the Master Tier subscription is the one who activates this. They need to head over to the campaign and click the ENABLE CONTENT SHARING button (see example below).

How do I share my D&D beyond character?

The only way for someone to have control over your character sheet is if the character is in a campaign. Then the DM of that campaign can modify the sheet. So have your friend create a campaign, then invite you to it. Join with that character and he’ll be able to manage that character.

Can multiple people share content on Dndbeyond?

All 6 campaigns will be able to use all your content. The master sub limits how many campaigns can have sharing enabled by you, but the only limit to how much you can share is how many content sharing campaigns you are in. Wild! Thanks for the quick response.

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How do I enable content sharing?

To turn SmartShare on and allow content sharing

  1. To access this application, from the Home screen, tap Apps > SmartShare.
  2. Tap the Menu Key > Settings.
  3. Tap Discoverable to checkmark it which enables your device to be detected by other devices.

Is Players Handbook free on DND beyond?

The PHB is part of that product. The basic rules are free only because WotC is allowing people to demo the game before buying it. Distributing licenced content without permission by the creators (or something to that extent in legalese) is against the law.

How do I unassign a Dndbeyond character?

ogods please help. You can add a character to the campaign using the same join link you would offer to a player, located in the top right of your campaign’s page. Once the character is in the campaign, you can choose the ‘Unassign’ option.

Can multiple people use D&D beyond?

Account sharing is indeed against the Terms of Service. As suggested above, anyone with a Master Tier subscription can activate content sharing for a campaign, then any purchased content is shared to others in the campaign.

Can multiple people use DND beyond?

Luckily, D&D Beyond has a method to let players share sourcebooks with each other. To use this method, at least one person in a campaign must have a Master Tier subscription to D&D Beyond. Once campaign sharing is enabled, any player can access any sourcebooks that anyone in the campaign has bought through D&D Beyond.

Can you share your books on Dndbeyond?

It doesn’t have to be the DM that has the subscription. A player in the campaign can share their purchased content with the rest of the players, even if they’re not the DM. Whoever wants to share, though, has to have the subscription.