Of Those Below, Which Igneous Rock Or Magma Has The Lowest Silica (Sio2) Content?

What igneous rock has the lowest silica content?

Mafic rocks have low silica content (45-55%). They are usually dark-colored and contain iron and magnesium. Some examples are: Basalt (extrusive) and gabbro (intrusive).

Which of these rocks has a low silica content?

Ultramafic rocks (also referred to as ultrabasic rocks, although the terms are not wholly equivalent) are igneous and meta-igneous rocks with a very low silica content (less than 45%), generally >18% MgO, high FeO, low potassium, and are composed of usually greater than 90% mafic minerals (dark colored, high magnesium

Which magma type contains the greatest percentage of silica?

felsic magma has more silica and alumina content, which makes magma more viscous. It contains up to 70% of silica content. Its present in rhyolite rock.

Which rock has the highest silica content?

Felsic rocks have the highest content of silica, and are predominantly composed of the felsic minerals quartz and feldspar. These rocks (granite, rhyolite) are usually light coloured, and have a relatively low density.

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What rock is silica found in?

The most common form of crystalline silica is quartz, which is found in sand, gravel, clay, granite, diatomaceous earth, and many other forms of rock. Non-crystalline silica is found in glass, silicon carbide, and silicone.

Which type of magma has the greatest silica sio2 content?

What type of magma has the greatest silica content?

  • As a result of its higher viscosity and gas content, intermediate magma builds up pressure below the Earth’s surface before it can be released as lava.
  • Felsic magma has the highest silica content of all magma types, between 65-70%.

What type of magma contains the least amount of silica?

Mafic magma has less silica content and more iron and magnesium in it. The amount of gas in the magma helps determine how explosive the eruption will be.

Which of the following igneous rocks is richest in iron content?

Felsic igneous rocks are light in color. Mafic igneous rocks are iron and magnesium rich and contain abundant pyroxene, and calcium rich plagioclase feldspar.

How can you tell if a rock has high silica content?

The more silica you have in a rock, the paler it tends to be. Felsic rocks have high silica content, because they contain lots of quartz and another mineral called feldspar.

What is the silica content of andesite?

Andesite is a gray to black volcanic rock with between about 52 and 63 weight percent silica (SiO2). Andesites contain crystals composed primarily of plagioclase feldspar and one or more of the minerals pyroxene (clinopyroxene and orthopyroxene) and lesser amounts of hornblende.

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Which component of magma is the highest and lowest in value?

Answer: Felsic magma has the highest silica content of all magma types, between 65-70%. As a result, felsic magma also has the highest gas content and viscosity, and lowest mean temperatures, between 650o and 800o Celsius (1202o and 1472o Fahrenheit).

Which magma has the highest viscosity?

The magma that has the highest viscosity is rhyolitic magma.