Often asked: What Is Perceptive Content?

What is perspective content?

Perceptive Content is a content and process management product suite from Hyland. If information is the lifeblood of your enterprise, Perceptive Content is the heart that circulates and protects your valuable content, regardless of format, through its entire life cycle.

What is perceptive content desktop client?

Desktop Client: The Perceptive Content desktop client provides the full functionality and features of Perceptive Content. Those who use the desktop client must upgrade whenever the server is upgraded whereas web users do not need to worry about this.

What is ImageNow?

ImageNow (also known as Perceptive Content) is a document imaging program — used for scanning or “imaging” a document and saving it to a shared file/directory or through other applications such as Banner or AdvisorTrac. Image Now is not accessible on a wireless connection without using VPN – even from on campus.

What is perceptive content app?

Perceptive Content Apps are the vehicles in which Perceptive Experience is provided. Content Apps are modular in design and can be pieced together to combined platform capabilities into tailored user interfaces.

What does perceptive content do?

What is Perceptive Content? Formerly ImageNow by Perceptive Software, Perceptive Content is the document imaging system used by Grand Rapids Community College. Perceptive Content works by capturing documents electronically and storing them on a central server.

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What is the current version of perceptive content?

Today, the topic is the much-anticipated release of Perceptive Content, formally known as ImageNow, 7.3, and the release of Perceptive Experience Content apps version 3.0, as well as why you may consider upgrading soon.

How do I install perceptive content?

Install the Perceptive Content Client

  1. Download the Perceptive Content client installer.
  2. Right-click the installer (the file name is ClientSetup_208.exe and it will probably be in your Downloads folder), then select Run as Administrator.
  3. Select English for the installation language, then click OK.

Who Owns image now?

With the acquisition of the Perceptive business unit, Hyland now owns and supports the following products, including: Acuo by Hyland. Brainware by Hyland.

What is ImageNow client?

ImageNow is a document imaging system used to electronically store and retrieve images of documents. ImageNow is available in a client version that is necessary for inputting documents into the system, as well as a web version (known as WebNow) that can be used for viewing/read-only purposes.

What is perceptive content ImageNow?

Perceptive Content (formerly known as ImageNow) is a full enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow suite used to handle various content types and put them in proper context of an area’s process or need. There are a number of tools for annotating documents, as well as routing documents within workflow if needed.

Who makes ImageNow?

CaptureNow, ImageNow, Interact, and WebNow are trademarks of Lexmark International Technology SA, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Perceptive Software is a stand-alone business unit within Lexmark International Technology SA.

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Who owns perceptive content?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishper‧cep‧tive /pəˈseptɪv $ pər-/ adjective someone who is perceptive notices things quickly and understands situations, people’s feelings etc well – used to show approval a perceptive young man highly perceptive comments You’re right.