Question: What Does Explicit Content Mean?

What is an example of explicit content?

references to violence, physical, or mental abuse; references to sexual behaviour; discriminatory language.

What do u mean by explicit content?

The phrase “explicit content” is written as a warning that media (pictures, films or music) contains adult content. This is often sexual or pornographic. It may be bad language.

Why is it called explicit content?

After much debate, the now-standard black and white Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics label was introduced in the 1990s as a notice to parents that the content may feature strong language or deal with themes of sex, violence, or substance abuse and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Does explicit mean something bad?

Explicit: Latin source: explicitus, from ex and plicare, same as explicate. Meaning: open, plain, straightforward, undisguised, not implied. Meaning: make good use of, or make use of for personal gain. Somehow we can talk about heroic exploits, but exploitation is plain old bad, and often sexual too.

Does explicit mean nudity?

Sexually explicit visual material” means a photograph or video that depicts nudity, erotic fondling, sexual intercourse, or sadomasochistic abuse.

What is explicit movie?

Explicit is used to describe such things as writing, lyrics, photography, or film that express or depict openly offensive or vulgar nudity, violence, or sexuality, or it can indicate an act or behavior that is queasily graphic or leaves nothing to implication or the imagination (e.g., “scenes of explicit violence and

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What is explicit function?

An explicit function is a function that is represented in terms of an independent variable. For example, y = 4x – 7 is explicit where y is a dependent variable and is dependent on the independent variable x.

What is explicit language?

1 precisely and clearly expressed, leaving nothing to implication; fully stated. explicit instructions. 2 graphically detailed, leaving little to the imagination. sexually explicit scenes. 3 openly expressed without reservations; unreserved.

What is explicit and implicit?

Explicit – clearly stated so there is no room for confusion or questions. Implicit – implied or suggested, but not clearly stated.