Quick Answer: How To Remove Content Control In Word?

How do I get rid of content control in Word?

Press Ctrl+A to select the entire document. Right-click a visible content control. In the context menu, click Remove Content Control.

How do I remove content control in Word 2016?

How do I remove content control in Word 2016?

  1. On the developer menu, select Design Mode.
  2. If no content controls are visible, scroll through until one is.
  3. Press Ctrl+A to select the entire document.
  4. Right-click a visible content control.
  5. In the context menu, click Remove Content Control.

How do you edit content control?

Set or change the properties for content controls

  1. Select the content control, and click Properties in the Controls group.
  2. In the Content Control Properties dialog box, choose whether the content control can be deleted or edited when someone uses your template.

How do I change content control in Word?

Add and change Content Controls in Word

  1. Click File in Word.
  2. Scroll down to Options.
  3. Choose Customize Ribbon.
  4. Select the Developer box.
  5. Click OK.
  6. To add a Content control, click Rich Text Content Control box.
  7. Place the box at appropriate location, select Properties.
  8. Add General Information.

What is word content control?

Content controls are individual controls that you can add and customize for use in templates, forms, and documents. For example, many online forms are designed with a drop-down list control that provides a restricted set of choices for the user of the form.

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What is a rich text content control?

A rich text control can contain custom formatted text or other items, such as tables, pictures, or other content controls. Prohibits users from inserting any other Word objects or any text. Combo Box. Contains a drop-down selection of list entries that users can select and text box that user can edit directly.

How do you use content control in Word 2010?

For the Word 2010, enable the developer tab from the Office Backspace. Step 3: Once you have a developer tab, locate the specific section with in the document to add the content control. From the Developer tab, select the desirable content control from the Ribbon.

Which of the following are valid content controls in Microsoft Word?

The following content controls are available in Word 2010:

  • Rich Text.
  • Plain Text.
  • Picture.
  • Building Block Gallery.
  • Combo Box.
  • Drop-Down List.
  • Date.
  • Checkbox.