Quick Answer: What Do I Do If I Forgot My Content Lock Password?

How do you unlock a content lock?

To hide, select “Show locked files” in the three-dot menu. To unlock files, either long- press each item and select “Unlock” or select “Unlock” from the three-dot menu. Now, go forth and protect your secret plans and collections of highly classified photos.

How do I reset my content lock pin on Android?

Android version 7.1. 2

  1. From any home screen, tap Apps Settings.
  2. If using Tab view, select the Display tab.
  3. Tap Lock screen.
  4. To change the password, tap Select screen lock > Password.
  5. To change the PIN, tap Select screen lock >PIN.
  6. Enter new password, then tap Continue.
  7. Re-enter new password, then tap OK.

How do I unlock my LG content lock?

Unlock Content Open the Gallery app from the app drawer. Press the three dots in to the top right corner. Select Show locked files from the menu. Input your Passcode.

What is content lock on Android?

Content Lock is a mobile device feature that prevents minors under the age of 18 from accessing and viewing adult content.

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How do I remove content lock?

How to turn off parental controls on an Android device using the Google Play Store

  1. Open your Android device’s Settings app and tap “Apps” or “Apps & notifications.”
  2. Select the Google Play Store app from the complete list of apps.
  3. Tap “Storage,” and then hit “Clear Data.”

How do I reset a locked file?

Hers’s how to do it:

  1. In the Android settings, select Applications Manager. Scroll through the list of installed apps and select Gallery Lock.
  2. Click Uninstall to uninstall the application, and then re-install it to reset the password to the default: 7777.
  3. Open Gallery Lock, at the bottom of the screen, click Settings.

How do you unlock a locked picture on android?

Set up Locked Folder

  1. Open the Google Photos app.
  2. Go to Library Utilities. Locked Folder.
  3. Tap Set up Locked Folder.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to unlock your device. If your folder is empty, you’ll find “Nothing here yet.”

Where do locked pictures go?

When you’ve tapped Lock, the photos/folders will vanish from the library. To view them, navigate to Menu > Show Locked Files. Enter your security credentials, and the photos will reappear. Note: Content Lock is not available on all devices.

How do you put content lock on Android?

Once in Google Play, tap the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of your screen, and select the Settings menu. Under Settings, you’ll see a submenu called User Controls; select the Parental Controls option. You will then be prompted to create a PIN for parental control settings, and then confirm the PIN entered.

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How do I unlock Quick Memo?

Tap the Lock front keys icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to lock the front keys while you are working in QuickMemo. Tap it again to unlock the front keys.

How can I lock my gallery?

Here, check these steps.

  1. Open Settings, scroll down to Fingerprints & Security and select Content lock.
  2. Select the type of lock you want to use — Password or PIN.
  3. Now open the Gallery app and go to the media folder you want to hide.
  4. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner and select Lock for the options.

What is Web content lock?

The concept of a Content Lock format is about blocking a specific part of a website or mobile app content with a particular offer. In other words, desktop or mobile users need to take action to get access to this content.

How do I turn off content lock on my iPhone?

To completely turn off Parental Controls on the iPhone and iPod touch, follow these steps on the device you want to disable the settings on.

  1. Tap Settings > Screen Time.
  2. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  3. Toggle the Content & Privacy Restrictions slider to off/white to turn off Parental Controls.