Readers ask: How Do You Access Your Points Earned In The Ati Capstone Content Review?

Where you can go to access your ATI online practice assessments?

You can access Focused Review from the “Recent Activity” section of the homepage, the “Test” and “Improve” tabs with My ATI and from the “My Results” tab. You can now filter by content area when accessing tutorials and online practice assessments within the “My ATI” tab.

What does it mean when you see a dashed circle next to your assignment?

A dash (-) indicates that there is no information; the student has not taken the assessment or submitted the assignment.

Where can you go to print your ATI individual transcript quizlet?

Go to the “My Results” tab to print it. It will include all proctored and practice assessments, as well as tutorial results. Click on the “Forgot username and/or password” link and follow the directions.

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What is ATI orientation?

ATI Capstone Student Orientation This Live session will introduce nursing faculty and students to ATI Capstone Content Review including enrollment, navigating the ATI Capstone site, process and components, expectations, and tips for success.

Where can you go to update your profile in ATI?

To edit your profile, follow the instructions below:

  • Click on the “Edit My Profile” button to launch the user’s registration page.
  • Edit/Update your personal information.
  • Click the “Update” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

When checking your grades What does the yellow exclamation mark mean?

Needs Grading: A yellow exclamation point symbol indicates that the student has submitted work that requires grading for the instructor. Override: A yellow triangle will appear in a student’s cell if an instructor manually overrides a student’s submitted attempt grade.

What browser should you use with canvas quizlet?

Which browser is the recommended choice for Canvas? Chrome. This Quizlet set will help greatly with the orientation quiz.

What does yellow mean in Blackboard?

The grade pill for each assessment question and graded item may appear in colors or with dark backgrounds. For the colored grade pills, the highest score range is green and the lowest is red. > 90% = green. 89–80% = yellow/ green. 79–70% = yellow.

Where can you access your course groups quizlet?

Where can you access your course groups? Only members of the group can see posts in their Group Blog. The Send Email tool will let you send e-mail to individual classmates and your instructor.

What is a focused review ATI?

A brand new Focused Review is automatically created just for you every time you take a Proctored or Practice ATI Assessment and it’s based on your performance on that assessment. In a nutshell, your Focused Review will tell you what areas of content you need to study to improve.

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Which one of the following acronyms mnemonics is most closely associated with the nursing process?

Which one of the following acronyms/mnemonics is most closely associated with the nursing process? The nursing process can be remembered by the common mnemonic ADPIE.

How do I add a class to ATI?

ADD A COURSE 1. Click Setup>Data Setup> Courses. 2. Click the Add a new course link.

Where is focused review on ATI?

Your Focused Review is located on the MY ATI > IMPROVE tab. Find the Topics to Review in your Individual Performance Profile. After each Major Content Area, the number of items to review will be listed.

How do you contact your ATI nurse educator?


  1. Live Chat (click the red chat box on the right during office hours)
  2. Phone: (800) 667-7531.
  3. Fax: (913) 661-6245.