What Is Content Acquisition?

What is meant by content acquisition?

This is where content acquisition comes into play. The term refers to the process of buying blogging sites and media properties that already have a good market presence and a robust content platform of their own. ‘Why create when you can buy’ is the simple logic behind this method of digital marketing.

What does a content acquisition manager do?

As a Content Acquisition Manager, you will participate in all stages of our content acquisition process with a focus on Hulu’s Unscripted portfolio – helping to define our programming strategy through analysis of data and market dynamics, tracking, sourcing and vetting of content opportunities, negotiating directly

How do I get into content acquisition?

If you think a role in content strategy might be right for you, here are a few steps to take.

  1. Have an Opinion. Read more, scroll more, click more, and start thinking beyond the computer screen.
  2. Expand Your Toolbox.
  3. Reimagine Your Resume.
  4. Practice the Craft.
  5. Attend Content Strategy School.
  6. See What It’s Like to Work at Huge.

What is the role of content acquisition?

Our Content Acquisition teams are responsible for strategically sourcing and identifying additional programming opportunities and partnerships with external content teams to help deliver diverse content for our audiences around the globe.

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What does a content acquisition team do?

As a Senior Content Acquisition Associate, you will participate in the content acquisition process – tracking and evaluating content opportunities, supporting our programming strategy through rigorous analysis of data, operationalizing closed agreements, and providing ongoing deal management.

What skills does a content strategist need?

The 6 skills every content strategist must have

  • Empathy. A goal of content strategy is for an organization to be able to determine the right content in the right formats and channels.
  • Connection and analysis.
  • Editorial.
  • Technical.
  • Communications, coaching, and educating.

What is Netflix content strategy?

In fact, it isn’t just about creating original content, Netflix is set on creating quality original content that cannot be found anywhere else. The success of their original content is much of what has allowed them to attract and retain viewers, especially with the rising competition in recent years.

What do you need to be a content strategist?

To become a content strategist, you’ll need at least five years of experience as a digital content manager, web writer or content editor. In addition, a bachelor’s degree is required. Common majors include English, journalism, communications, marketing creative writing, technical writing and information management.