Forget your customers. Sell to your employees first.

A business and its departments are only as strong as the teams that support them. When a specific function within a team isn’t performing at its full capacity, the business as a whole is at a disadvantage. As communication practices evolve, it is critical for business leaders to properly cultivate employee support for change and new initiatives. A well-produced internal communication strategy is capable of identifying gaps in communication while amplifying employee advocacy.

Internal campaigns are part of a strategic, ongoing process that equips all employees with the ability to consistently and systematically communicate with the right stakeholders at each stage of a business’s life cycle. A team that is on board for change sets the stage for the business or department to achieve the highest levels of performance.

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Although an internal communications network is far from a new idea, enterprise social networks (ESN) are vastly different from their intranet cousins. Mainly, enterprise social networks mimic the look and feel of the networks we’ve come to use daily, but in doing so encourage a dialogue in which all employee voices are equal to that of the most senior executive. Our focus is dismantling the top-down communication chain. Much like the childhood game of ‘telephone’, a message sent from one end, through multiple people, are rarely communicated to the last person as they were initially intended to be.

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