Shifting Trends in the Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is seeing exponential growth.

Demand for wine, beer, and craft cocktails is at an all time high, and with high demand comes stiff competition.

Consumers are savvier than ever, with access to a rapidly increasing number of beverage options in the market. Standing out as a beverage brand requires serious marketing firepower.

Restaurant Marketing

Photography is your game changer!

What type of content are beverage drinkers engaging with the most?

Customers seek out beverage brands that are familiar, memorable, and connective. High quality photography and relatable branded visuals reinforce this relationship.

In-depth targeting on social media platforms such as Facebook has become an incredibly powerful tool for marketing beverages, especially among 21-35 year old consumers.

With the growth of beverage sales through eCommerce, beverage marketing campaigns have adapted to include more interactive digital content (such as video and animation).

Customers are making their buying decisions faster than ever – often in seconds. Cutting through the noise is critical to being competitive in the beverage market.



of companies are planning to geographically expand their business within the food and beverage industry.


of alcohol consumers are making a shift towards buying more unique craft cocktails and less accessible wines.


of the alcohol category growth is coming from smaller, craft supplier brands vs the Top 5 premium US brands.


of videos from brands were long-form content. On average, the top ten ads in 2016 were 136 seconds long.

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