How is Marketing Changing in Higher Education?

Where are students looking?

With high school and college students being increasingly more active on social media than ever before, we have found that distributing content through these channels has caused an increase in activation when it comes to colleges and universities establishing a brand presence online outside of their website.

Whether it’s high school seniors looking to make the biggest decision of their lives, or an undergraduate trying to figure out what major to focus on, we have found that exposing students to content where they are absorbing it the most has become a major component of their decision making process.

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Video can be your game changer!

What type of content are students engaging with the most?

Universities have seen increased engagement across Facebook and Instagram with content that shows picturesque views of the campus and active students.

Video has become a major component of any content strategy. Video is interacted with four times as often as static media.

Colleges and universities are using photography and video to develop their school’s story. Stories they care about and can connect with. Stories they will tell other people.

Students are looking for content that depicts value, pride, and trust. Sharing actionable advice and university life has become incredibly engaging content.



of universities have active youtube channels that they use to showcase video content.


of universities and colleges are starting to recognize ROI from social media campaigns.


of universities have stated that they plan to incorporate more video content over 2017 & 2018.


of 18- to 20-year-olds used social media as part of their search for the right college

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