Scheduling Instagram Posts Made Easy

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Instagram Post Scheduling Hack!

For the longest time, it has been very tedious for Social Media Manager or Instagram Users to schedule posts in advance and have all of them in one place. Until now! Unfortunately the automation of posting hasn’t been added but Instagram introduced ‘Draft Posts’ and it’s a great way to queue up your weekly or even monthly posts for you to easily access and load to Instagram!

Step One:

Add your photo like you would and apply the filter you want to use. Go to the next phase and finish adding your caption, location, and tagging. Now click back as if you were exiting to go back to the camera or photo upload. You will be prompted to ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Discard’


Step Two:

Now, when you go to upload new media on your Instagram you will notice that you have an area just above your camera roll that says Drafts. Click on manage Drafts to view all the media you have saved as a Draft



Step Three:

When you select one of your drafts you created you will see that all of the information you added previously is right there and ready to post! So when you have some downtime on Sunday or Monday and want to schedule out your posts for the week, use the new Drafts feature and it will save all of your information. This makes it super easy to go in, click on the draft, and post it right to Instagram! No more third parties, no more hassle!


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