Understanding The Facebook Pixel

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If you’re not using the facebook pixel to maximize your ad conversion, you are missing out! For the most part, I don’t expect many people to know about Ad Manager, let alone the Facebook Pixel, Standard Events or even Custom Conversions. I’ll break down what the pixel is, how it’s being used to lead to higher converting ads and how you can use it for retargeting customers with ads after they visit your website.

What is the Facebook ‘Pixel’?

The facebook pixel was developed by Facebook and is a snippet of Javascript code that is placed in the <head> section or <body> section of your website. From a top level perspective, the pixel serves 4 core functions in facebook advertising.

  • It allows you to build custom audiences for retargeting purposes
  • It can help you target people who visited specific pages of your website with hyper-targeted content
  • It can track conversions and attribution back to your paid advertising showing you what is working and what is not
  • Helps you optimize your ads and campaigns for conversions and ad spend.


When it comes to monitoring your customers and whether or not your Facebook ads are converting the pixel will help attribute your ads, to actual conversions. For example, e-commerce businesses can place a Facebook Pixel on the purchase confirmation page of their website so that after customers check out and land on that page, you can see which ads worked best to convert to that sale. This is when you can begin using tracking to pivot your campaign to make sure that the most successful ads are getting the most placement in front of your potential customers.  


This won’t only be one of the most important aspects of the Facebook Pixel but can also be one of the most lucrative. In advertising, there is a theory called the rule of seven. After someone sees something they are interested in purchasing or making a major decision on seven or more times, they are about 88% more likely to buy than if they just see something once and then it is out of sight and out of mind. With the Facebook Pixel, you can build custom audiences for your advertisements that target people who have visited your website. Ever wonder why you see so many ads on social media for a product you just viewed? It’s because they are using the Facebook Pixel to remarket the product back to you. If you want to take it a step further, you can develop specific campaign ad sets that target consumer specific content based on the pages that they viewed on the website.

The Facebook Pixel is starting to change the game when it comes to attributing traffic and conversions to actual ad spend. But, it has also started helping businesses stay top of mind to their consumers by allowing them to target specific ads back to those who have already taken interest in their business or products. Are you spending too much or leaving potential customers on the table by not using the facebook pixel when sending Facebook Ads?

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